Contract Staffing

Embrace flexibility and business freedom with our excellent Contract Recruitment / Staffing Services

Helping you secure top performers that will drive your business forward now and in the future.

Contract Staffing is a proven model in alternative recruitment and provides companies to engage professional hands for duration or assignment specific requirements. Whether it’s supplementing existing staff during peak periods in production or hiring a permanent employee through the temporary process, Contract Staffing is the answer.

Our ultimate goal is to save our clients time and money while increasing efficiency, and productivity. While the Client is delivered specific tasks, candidates obtain valuable experience in a variety of work situations and environments, in either case, remaining free of long term commitments.

Contract Staffing Services at ASKEXIM involves skilled professionals engaged at Client sites on a full time basis directly and fully under client management and reporting.

Talent Deputation on -

Contract or Contract to Hire basis.

Short or Long Term Engagement.

Built to Suit Talent Deputation models:

Source – Train – Recruit

Pre and Post Recruitment Training Programmes, customised to your needs.

We invest in Infrastructures, Training & Assessments. We create Talent Pool specifically to your needs.

Engagement models -

Services are provided based on the commercial terms as per the respective engagement model.

ASKEXIM operates on the basis of the following engagement models-

Time and Material Engagement

A pre-agreed periodic rate is applied on a no-work, no pay basis for each individual either engaged as a part of a team or otherwise. Invoicing is done periodically, as agreed.

Fixed Price Engagement

A pre-agreed value is agreed for the complete contract. Invoicing is done periodically or on milestone deliverables in case of assignment based services.

Cost plus Engagement

A margin is added to identified direct and overhead costs and resultant charges are invoiced periodically.

Under either of these engagement models, we provide assignment specific price estimates based on our cost structure and a fair level business margin to render high quality services. ASKEXIM's complete suite of solutions under one roof enables us maximise the use of common resources and hence deliver a cost effective and competitively priced solution to you.

We take complete responsibility of Statutory Employee Benefits and Compliances for the outsourced resources.

For detailed terms and conditions, please email us your requirements on