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Any company that wants to continue to grow or expand its business understands that the recruitment and retention of talented staff is its most important business activity. Whether additional recruits, replacements or a change of business focus, the need to identify and recruit key staff is paramount.

Our Recruitment Services are aimed at providing your organization with the greatest return on its staffing investment. Whether you are looking for candidates to fill "Permanent" positions or are in need of "Contract" staff, Askexim has the resources to strategically support your organization's workforce.

Our Recruitment Services include searching for the right candidate across various channels including social media, job boards, advertised selection and our own internal network of executive candidate profiles. We also help in introducing your company, pitching the opportunity, screening of candidates and scheduling their interviews for you. We also provide you with an additional service of conducting a preliminary round of telephonic interview.

We’re so confident of the quality of our recruitment services, we offer a no questions asked ‘3 month replacement guarantee’ – so should a candidate not work out in the first 3 months, we will find you a replacement candidate.

We recruit for all job categories in India.