Candidate Referral Scheme

"Isn't it about time you earned some cash from your friends?"

If you never like to turn down the opportunity to earn extra cash, then read on. We are always searching for the best: the best candidates, the best jobs, the best employers and of course with all of those elements, the best fit.

Occasionally (very occasionally you understand, for any clients reading!), we cannot find the ideal candidate – and this is where you come in. We will pay you cash (Keep checking our Announcements) for the successful placement of any candidate who you recommend to us as being a perfect fit for either a contract or permanent position with one of our clients. So, if you know anyone who is looking for a job, or who you feel could benefit from our services, then recommend them now - you never know.

This scheme, coupled with our Lead Generation Scheme, can really provide you with an excellent secondary income stream.

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